2013-14 NHL Map – Now with Official Division Names


I can’t say I love the “Metropolitan” name. But, overall it’s better than shifting the Central to the Eastern Time Zone.

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NHL Expansion Scenario – Quebec City and Seattle

Since the Coyotes are locked in (for at least five years), what might an NHL with expansion teams in Seattle and Quebec City look like? Let’s face it, relocation isn’t happening anytime soon (breath easy Panther, Devil, Blue Jacket fans). NHL expansion is the next hot thing (despite “talent pool” arguments to the contrary). Let’s check out how a four conference, no divisions NHL could look:

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NHL Map - Expansion to Seattle and Quebec City

NHL Realignment Project – Week 11


NHL Realignment Project Week 11

Week 11 – Take me out to the ballgame… err, puck match? (The MLB Map)

This week, we go wacky again. This map is inspired by Major League Baseball’s alignment. With that in mind, we divide our NHL into two leagues (Campbell and Wales) each of which is divided into East, Central, and West divisions.

NHL Realignment Map Week Eleven

NHL Realignment Map-Week Eleven


Gained teams:


Lost teams:



• Travel — Pretty equitable travel across the league.

That’s about it. It’s mostly all negatives in my opinion. Almost all current divisional rivalries are lost. This was more of an experiment than a realistic solution.


(H/T to oilersnation.com for the original map)


See everyone next week!

— TF

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