About the Fool

Name: Thomas J. Fulery

Nicknames: Tom Fulery, TF (or, TeeEff), Tommy, Tommy Boy, The Fool.

Hobbies: Photoshoppin’, Illustratorin’, Flashin’ (the Adobe/Macromedia kind… outta the gutter with yo’ minds, folks). Followin’ Politics. Watchin’ movies. iPodin’. Watchin’/Playin’: Football, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis. Usin’ apostrophes more than I should. Coming up with novel excuses why I can’t go to the gym today.

My Teams: Minnesota Northstars, Baltimore Colts, San Jose Clash, Vancouver Grizzlies, Montreal Expos…. Hang on, my buddy Marcus is telling me something… WHAT?! All of them?! Crap. Okay, what about that team that always loses to the Globetrotters? Cool. Them then.

I’m Diggin’ on: Free spirits. Pragmatists. Contradictions. Well traveled people. Innocence of youth. Artistic geniuses. Political geniuses. Computer geniuses. Interactive designers who are so into it, they suck at print now. Immovable objects. Irresistible forces. Graphic novels. The lighthearted part of the 80s. Uncle Jesse (Dukes of Hazzard). Obama.

Not cool: Deficit spending (sorry, O). Extremism. Folks who take advantage of welfare. Companies who take advantage of corporate welfare. Folks who think welfare should be done away with (keep the babies, manage the bathwater… that’s all I’m sayin’). Athletes holding out in the middle of contracts. Celebrity gossip being what we consider “news”. The folks who ruined Ren and Stimpy. Graphic violence. Dracula. The “serious” parts of the 80s. Uncle Jesse (Full House). Osama.

Where Born: Between Chicago and Montreal.

When Born: Between April and August in the Seventies.

Heroes: Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and my wife and my parents. And to a much lesser extent… Wayne Gretzky, Pelé, The Founding Fathers, Abe Lincoln, The Roosevelts, the Kennedys… Donald Duck and Speed Racer are pretty bad ass too.

Before I die I want to: Invent a word that is actually used by the public at large. Write at least one novel. Shake the hand of a world leader. Pass gas near said leader and blame it on him/her. Spoil some grandkids. Make a difference. Eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in one day. Figure out why I like the Stooges so much.