1xbet login (접속)

1xbet allows people of legal age to participate in games. You can register on one of the backup copies of the resource and get 1xbet login (접속). This is a special code that allows you to visit the site safely and anonymously. Login and password are created by the user himself. This is personal information that is not subject to disclosure.

How to register on the site 1xbet

Log in to a copy of the site or open the official source via VPN/application. Registration is available from any type of computer and mobile phones.

Click “Register” in the top corner and fill out the form by selecting the path:

  • One-click access;
  • By phone;
  • Through a social media account;
  • By email.

You can get a profile once from one IP address. 1xbet login (접속) should be complex enough so that fraudsters can’t figure it out (don’t include your name and date of birth, add symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters).

The information of the questionnaire should be checked. Only then sign the cooperation agreement, having previously indicated the current promo code of the welcome bonus.

Confirm your consent to participate in trading transactions. You automatically become a member of the big 1xbet team and are obliged to obey the internal regulations: do not disclose profile data, pay your account in your own name, observe fair practices in trading transactions.

Why do you need account verification

In a normal casino, you pay your bet and start playing. In online projects, the founder is obliged to verify the person who has registered. Within the framework of international norms of online trading, it means that for the client the procedure of identification of the person is mandatory.

1xbet gives you 30 days to master the options of your personal account and upload a copy of your passport in the “My Documents” – “Add” section.

If the copy is too large, you can send it by email: support@1xbet-team.com.

You have 72 hours to complete the verification process. If everything is in order with the passport data, the “Withdrawal of funds” button in your personal cabinet will become active and your registration will be fully completed.

If you have any questions, please contact the support hotline: 0 800801345, send a message to the account security department: police@1xbet-team.com.


1xbet login (접속) refers to the personal information of the player. With the help of login and password it is possible to safely attend sessions, bet money, participate in all promotions and bonuses of the bookmaker. Only a player with registration can enter the personal cabinet. Profile data, including login and password, are treated as confidential information, which are not subject to disclosure.

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