The NHL’s most-watched teams

Attendance at National Hockey League (NHL) games can vary depending on the season, team success, geographic location, and other factors.

The NHL teams with the highest average attendance at home games have traditionally included:

  • Chicago Blackhawks: Chicago has been the attendance leader for several seasons due to its historical success and large army of fans.
  • “Montreal Canadiens: one of the most historic clubs in the NHL, Montreal also enjoys tremendous fan support.
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Despite a long hiatus from winning the Stanley Cup, Toronto has always been a popular and well-attended club.
  • “Detroit Red Wings: another historic team with a large fan base.
  • “Philadelphia Flyers”: the Philadelphia Flyers also have a strong core of loyal fans, making them one of the most highly attended teams in the league.
  • “Pittsburgh Penguins”: With the success of the past few decades and the presence of stars like Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh also has a high attendance.

However, keep in mind that attendance can vary from season to season, and this list can change based on various circumstances. For example, new arenas or recent successes on the ice can increase attendance for certain teams.