Realigning the NHL the Right Way

My final proposal is just a little too late. And it’s too bad, because I went all “Howard Hughes” obsessive with it and made it into more of an infographic — and the Scheduling Pods and Scheduling Quads concept was so cool… oh well.

In both phases of this two phase plan:

Chicago fans can now calm down as I’ve put the Wings back in your conference.

Wings fans, please put down the pitchforks. In phase two of the plan, your team only has to play nine road games per season in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zones… and you get to play the Leafs and the Rangers four times each during the regular season… and the Habs and Bruins twice each, rounding out the Original Six.

Click the thumbnail to expand to the full size infographic.


Two Step NHL Realignment

Two Step NHL Realignment