An Illustrated History of the NHL

Click the above image to get to the full info-graphic.

Some of you loyal readers my be wondering what happened to my weekly posts, as they are even later than normal. Well, in what little free time I’ve had, I got sucked into creating the info-graphic that I always looked for but never found… illustrating the entire history of the NHL.

My labor of love is complete, and you can check it out now.

So I took every team in the history of the NHL, dropped them on a timeline and highlighted every time the name changed due to rebranding, relocation or even pushing the words “Black” and “hawk” together. Also noted are the resurrection of the Ottawa Senators in 1932 after a one year hiatus, the 1978 merger of the Minnesota North Stars and Cleveland Barons and the triumphant return of the NHL to Minnesota and Winnipeg years after losing their original squads to relocation.

This took a lot of time and effort, so please spread the word… and credit me if you use it in any way.

I’ll do my best to get back the the NHLRP this week sometime, and catch up.


– Tom