Random Hockey Book of the Week – Wk8

Week 8: Hockey ABC (My First NHL Book)
Only a few shopping days left until Christmas, so this week we’re going back to the well and offering up a kids book. This isn’t just any ol’ kids book, but one of Christopher Jordan’s “My First NHL Book” series of books. Like all the books in the series, this is a board book, so it’s nice and thick and sturdy to stand up to your lil’ enforcer’s punishment. Hockey ABC is, as you might have guessed about the alphabet… other books in the series focus on shapes, numbers, animals, colors and more. Whenever Mrs. Fulery and I start adding lil’ fools to the world, these will definitely be on our list.


Via Amazon:

Hockey ABC (My First NHL Book)

“What better way to introduce your child to the action-packed world of hockey than through a new series of books aimed at the youngest of hockey fans? Published with the NHL® and the NHLPA, this great series introduces essential early concepts through the fun and entertaining world of hockey. Count players, sticks, and Stanley Cups; explore the colours of the rainbow through team logos and sweaters; look for familiar shapes amongst pucks, scoreboards and nets, and work your way through an alphabet that includes everything, from Arenas to Zambonis®!a”

— Amazon