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Week 7: Defining Moments: 100 Inspirational Moments about 100 Great Players
With all the craziness going on in my life away from this blog, things are a little behind. In related news, Mrs. Fulery has now graduated nursing school… so if you know anyone in need of an amazing RN, let me know. ?

Back to business… Friday’s normal feature is showing up today (Sunday). Since I’m late with the post, I’ve decided to go with a book that nullifies my lateness… a book that hasn’t been released yet. 100 Defining Moments promises to be a quite the book, so preorder today!


Via Amazon:

Defining Moments: 100 Inspirational Moments about 100 Great Players

“100 Defining Moments is a book that celebrates the great game of hockey. 100 players are profiled highlighting a great career moment that defined, started or just plain rejuvendated a career. You’ll also get the story behind each amazing player. Packed full of Hall of Famers and other great stars of the past, plus profiles of current players making this book completely up to date. 100 Defining Moments will lift the spirits of all those who play or follow the game with anecdotes of sacrifice, dedication, leadership, perseverance and ultimately triumph.

Most of all, it pays tribute to achievement and an appreciation for the superb character shown by those who play the world’s fastest game.”

— Amazon