Random Hockey Book of the Week – Wk4

Week 4: Original Six: True Stories from Hockey’s Classic Era
Along with sticking to our theme lately, this week’s random interesting-looking hockey book is another one I’ve actually read. Original Six contains six stories (one for each of the O6 teams, duh) from back in the day. It’s amazing to see where the game we love today grew from. Highly recommended.


Via Amazon:

Original Six: True Stories from Hockey’s Classic Era

“Paul Quarrington has complied six stories (he penned the Bruins piece) centered on the Original Six era of the National Hockey League. These six stories take the reader back to the days when fans trully identified with their team. Two gems standout in this collection. The first is the Red Wings piece whose author recalls the days and nights spent with her grand father listening to Wings-Maple Leafs games. Each rooting for their own team. This is a wonderful piece on how these two people related to each other and the sport they so dearly loved.”

— Unnamed Amazon User