Random Hockey Book of the Week – Wk3

Week 3: Gretzky: An Autobiography
This week’s random interesting-looking hockey book goes right to the top. The Great One’s Autobiography may be old enough to drink (has it been 21 years since this came out?!), but it’s a good read.


Via Amazon:

Gretzky: An Autobiography

“Who knew that Mr. Lady Bing was so opinionated? In that respect, this book was a pleasant surprise, because anyone can give the standard PR/PC spiel. I thought I was getting the usual sports bio, “We went into game 5 tired and spent, yada yada yada…” While Wayne does include things like that, he does provide insight on what it feels like to be a highly recognizable person. Most celebrities are too egotistical to admit to feelings of lonliness at the top, yet Wayne admits these feelings, and also enjoys his moments.”

— Amazon User, CarrieB