NHL Realignment Project – Week 9

Week 9 – Barbecue and Desert

I bet you read “dessert” just now. As nice as that sounds, we’re talking desert, as in dry heat. This week, not only do we not lose the Phoenix Coyotes (hey, if Congress can come up with a deal, why not the City of Glendale?), but we add the Las Vegas Scorpions (or some other, more creative mascot). Sorry, Canada… no Quebec, Hamilton, Saskatoon, Regina, Yellow Knife or Moose Jaw teams this week.


NHL Realignment Map-Week Nine

NHL Realignment Map-Week Nine

Gained teams:

Kansas City, Las Vegas

Lost teams:



• Arena-ready — Kansas City is already there.

• Publicity-ready — Vegas is already there.

• Balance, balance, balance  Both conferences have the same number of teams. Each division has an equal number of teams. Magic!

•  Our old friend, “less travel” is back  Every team in the Eastern Conference is from the Eastern Time Zone. The teams in the Western Conference never have to travel two time zones for an intra-divisional game. And of course, Detroit (and Columbus) are outta the west now.


(H/T to oilersnation.com for the original map)


New update later this week (since this one was a few days late)!

— TF

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