NHL Playoff Format

NHL Playoff Format

Just for the record, (and despite all my NHL Realignment Shenanigans), I do have a single opinion and stance on how the NHL should operate once they realign in 2012 (my crazy options all apply once the NHL decides to relocate any franchise or realign yet again).

What should happen in 2012:

– There should be four divisions of 7 or 8 teams each. 

– Detroit (and even Columbus) should move to the Eastern Conference.

– The top four teams in each division should qualify for the playoffs.

– The first two rounds of the playoffs should determine the Division Champions

– The third round of the playoffs should be between Division Champions and determine the Conference Champions 

– The final round of the playoffs should be between Conference Champions and determine the Stanley Cup Champions 

– Any team that finishes fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth in their division and complains about “having a better record than a playoff qualifier in another division” should get over it, shut up, and be thankful they aren’t in college football.

Divisional games and rivalries will get even more intense and hockey will be at least a little bit different than basketball (a very good thing).

That is all. Just wanted to make it clear.