NHL Realignment Project – If I Were King of North America

King of North America

Because I’m such a huge dork, I have decided that I’m gonna put up an NHL relocation/realignment plan up on my blog every week from now until the end of the off-season. Some will have contraction, some will have expansion, most will have relocations, and all will have realignment.

Sound fun? It does to me.

Since the initial basis of this is me being crowned King of North America… nuances and difficulties that would arise from the NHL Board of Governors, commissioner and/or fanbases are all moot points (or a “moo point” for all you FRIENDS fans out there).

Check back for my weekly fixin’ of the NHL… or more likely effin’ it up. It’s good to be da king!




I’ve decided to take it to the extreme and go a full year with this weekly updates. Lord, help us all.