One Foolish Step for Man…

How does a one begin? Like that I guess. Now that that’s over with… Hello and welcome.

I’m Thomas J. Fulery.

Yes that is my name, Tom Fulery—pronounced just like your thinking.

Yes I know that it’s unbelievable that someone could be named that… but believe me, like most of you, my parents, not me, chose my name. I’ve have grown to like it over the years, so I’m quite cool with it.

Besides, I went to high school with an Anthony Hopkins, an Andy Garcia, a Charles Brown and an Amy Fisher (remember that name?). I’m being completely serious about those names… so I’m in good company when it comes to being asked, “Is that REALLY your name?”

Anyways enough about that, if you want to know more about me, check out my profile. What this blog’s about it just what the title suggests. Mostly ramblings that mean very little (or less) to anyone, but I’ll come up with a few regular features, like captions contests and polls. Plus there will be tons of links out to the rest of the web. A place for me to collect the interesting, bizarre, funny and soe
Wish me luck.